Can be recycled more than 30,000 times, the carbon century publish graphene lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

The graphene battery has reached a fever pith since last year. Most people question the graphene battery. Carbon century chairman Yan Liqun said at the conference that, the full name of the graphene battery should be graphene modified lithium-ion battery, which has  four manufacture methods, one directly used in the negative; the second is used as a positive conductive additive, "all lithium The battery must be added conductive additives, the original is to add conductive carbon black, and now replace the carbon black with graphene, relatively low-end, "Yan Liqun said. Third, directly on the lithium battery cathode surface coating, because the lithium cathode material is a metal oxide, after a long time will lead to oxidation, conductivity weakened, graphene cover will solve the problem, enhance the micro-conductivity, can not match the macro Metal conductivity. Four is directly as the electrode material of the skeleton, in order to increase the strength of the cathode material, while the graphene become a positive bone, the overall increase in lithium battery life, improve the micro-conductivity and battery safety performance, Method.

Carbon century released the world's first graphene lithium-ion rechargeable battery Epoxy King is the standard No. 5 battery, diameter 14.5mm, height 50mm. 5 batteries in many small appliances and digital products widely used for the family must have batteries, then will launch 7 batteries. Epoxy overlord and ordinary 5 battery compared to the obvious advantages of each battery rated voltage of 1.9V, the battery discharge platform voltage of 1.9V, 1.5V higher than the ordinary battery 1.5V, can bring more powerful power.

In addition, compared with the normal charge of nickel-metal hydride batteries, in the correct charge and discharge conditions, the cycle life of up to 30,000 times, the general charge of nickel-metal hydride battery charging times 1000 times. Working temperature of -40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃, ordinary nickel-metal hydride battery working environment 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, ordinary lithium battery working environment for -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. It is understood that when the battery exceeds the working environment temperature, it will cause the battery voltage is too low, not meet the electrical requirements, the most direct performance is directly shut down or disabled.

Yan Liqun introduction, the ordinary dry battery is zinc-manganese battery, carbon is used as a positive pole, with zinc tube to do negative. Ordinary lithium batteries are mainly made of lithium iron phosphate, graphite to do negative. Alkaline overlord is a graphene modified lithium titanate negative lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate as a positive pole, the use of graphene coated lithium titanate material as the battery anode (ordinary lithium battery anode is carbon, ordinary dry battery anode is zinc ), Greatly improving the electronic conductivity, can quickly charge. Graphene-coated lithium titanate and the electrolyte in the battery when the gas production rate is greatly reduced, effectively improving the battery's high temperature cycle life.

Carbon century as a dedicated to the industrial production of graphene and graphene downstream application technology and product development and industry practice of high-tech enterprises, with a strong innovation and innovation. Has completed the world's first graphene (single layer of carbon atoms) tons of demonstration production line, successfully developed a graphene photoelectric push technology, graphene engine oil energy efficiency improver, supercapacitor with graphene modified activated carbon, graphene modified Plastic, graphene air purification products and technology, graphene surface wave detection technology.