USB batteries

USB batteries

Rechargeable batteries includes AA Rechargeable battery, AAA Rechargeable battery, USB Rechargeable battery.

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SORBO Micro USB Rechargeable Lipo Battery AAA 1.5V 1200mAh



No. 7 AAA Battery reusable rechargeable batteries, can be widely used in many products instead of nickel-metal hydride batteries, especially suitable for dry battery lighting plays remain as one of the lighting effect, the output voltage of 1.5V design; stable output, no battery memory effect, low s..

SORBO Rechargeable Lipo USB Battery AA 1.5V 1200mAh



USB Rechargeable 1 Hour Quick Charging..

Xiaomi ZI5 NiMH Rechargeable Battery Charger



Product DescriptioinXiaomi ZI5 NiMH Rechargeable Battery Charger 1800mAh min. / 1900mAh typ. Fast Portable Bidirectional Rechargeable AA AAA Battery Charger with USB Port Environmentally For Camera Toys Outdoor EPS.Note: This is a suit which includes 4 Pcs AA batteries and 1 charger. If you need AAA..

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